Why Message Archive Software Are Important

Instant messaging apps are regularly used by many people. Businesses in particular make use of instant messaging apps to connect and communicate with employees and clients. 

Thousands of messaging apps are available all over the internet. While there are clear benefits of using these apps, there are also risks that people need to look out for. 

For instance, WeChat is the main communication and messaging app being usedin China and many entities use this app to interact with various companies around the world. WeChat has been used to monitor conversations and censor content even with users from outside of China. This can cause issues as it does not disclose these monitoring activities to overseas users. 

The app also has no end-to-end encryption which means an individual or entity’s privacy can be breached, and possible confidential information may not be kept safe. Given these issues, messaging apps may not be compliant with regulatory requirements and can cause legal WeChat compliance risks. 

However, WeChat is not the only messaging app having such problems. Telegram is also a widely used messaging app both for personal and business use; it is also popular among financial services and cryptocurrency firms. 

Since the app is able to hosts groups of up to 200,000 members, it is highly prone to security issues such as spear-phishing and ransomware. It can also lead to data loss and telegram compliance risks. 

Message archive software are an important tool in messaging apps such as those mentioned above. People archive messages in order to save it for future use when the need arises or when cleaning an email inbox without wanting to delete the emails. 

One of the main reasons to archive text messages or emails is for compliance requirements. Most businesses and organizations are required to comply with regulations such as FINRA and MiFID II. Moreover, these rules are applied to just about any type of modern digital communication tools such as emails, social media, corporate chats, and text messages. 

Another importance of archiving is for litigation purposes and preparedness. Messages and conversations can be entered into evidence and used in legal proceedings, so it is crucial for businesses to have access to these data and records, especially in the event of defending against false claims.


TeleMessage is a secure business mobile messaging app that offers compliance, branding, and employee autonomy. It includes mobile archiving and mass messaging. 

Visit their website www.telemessage.com/ for more information on secure messaging and archiving. 



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