Why is Danner Mountain 600 the best choice for hiking?  

Ages have been flooded with the craze of legendary hiking boots. The Mountain 600- Danner upholds a new category in hiking boots. It was the taste of heritage performance and classic styles, in short a great combination of heavy looks and light- weight innovation.

Vibrant SPE midsole

Features of the Vibram SPE i.e. Specialized Performance Elastomer midsole is fitted in the Mountain 600-Danner It has a unique co-polymer blend of Synthetic natural rubber and EVA. As a result, it improves resiliency and durability which also minimizes the weight.

Advantage of Megagrip

As the SPE medsole is combined with the vibram Fuga outsole,  Danner Mountain 600 has achieved the perfect balance between flexibility and traction. It also allows the foot to expand to a wider surface. The combination provides stability while travelling on rocky paths. This innovation is infused with vibram’s Megagrip rubber technology for ultimate hold on any complex situation.

Waterproof protection

Having the experience of building durable leather hiking boots. Mountain 600- Danner ,has selected the specific lighter weight while having the advantage of waterproof protection. It has been designed to have minimal seams and lined with Danner dry to excuse that it can tolerate and stand even in the wettest condition.

Removable Ortholite Footbed

To have a maximum cushioning and support, three layers of varying density are combined. The entire footbed is made of open-cell polyurethane to have better heat dissipation and air circulation.

How does it fit

As it is designed for versatility, the DPDX gets a low profile for everyday wear. Though the last one was built to provide enough room for comfort while it maintained a sleek profile. As the OrthoLite footbed is included, the mountain 600 fits slightly large and it is recommended to size down a half size for best fit.

365 -Day warranty

There is no need to worry about the customers if they have doubts about the quality issue while purchasing about the quality and manufacturing defects, the company gives you the relief of having 365-day warranty across the entire footwear line.






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