Why Is Company Formation In Turkey The Best

Do you want to do company formation in Turkey? Turkey is a nation in western Asia that is also a part of the Balkan peninsula in southern Europe. Ankara, the country’s capital (and seat of authority), is the country’s biggest city, while Istanbul is the country’s commercial powerhouse. 

Turkey’s economy is the 16th (sixteenth) most significant globally and the 6th (sixth) largest in Europe, demonstrating that, owing to its strategic position between Europe and Asia, it is a high-growth market for many investments or firms.

Turkey is a founding member of the United Nations (UN), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), the G-20, and many more organisations. Europe’s most giant TV and light commercial vehicle manufacturer is the nation. Companies must be registered with the Companies Registrar in Turkey, and the company registration procedure must be completed with the local office of the Trade Register. The Turkish Trade Register, part of the Chamber of Commerce, is in charge of business registration and incorporation.

The Turkish As A Company Formation

Those wishing to launch a significant firm utilise this business form. This business form requires at least one shareholder, and the minimum share capital requirement is higher than that of a limited liability company, at 50,000 TRY. A board of directors and a supervisory board are responsible for the company’s management. The following are some of the company’s other features:

  • The company’s authorised capital is split into shares.
  • All shareholders’ responsibility is restricted to the subscribed capital and is contingent on payment by the shareholder.
  • The statutory sum must be paid in full on the registration application is submitted.
  • The company’s general meeting and board of directors are also required criteria.
  • One participant (person or legal entity) on the Board of Directors does not have to be a shareholder in the firm.

If you are interested in registering and incorporating a company in Turkey, find the best company registration in Turkey agent. 



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