What Is A Pitched Roof?

The built-in roof which is a protection for your home, as its name suggests, is built into the facade of the house. That is, it does not appear; it is not apparent. And how is that possible? Simple! The built-in roof is covered by a wall known as a plat band. This small wall that rises above the slab is responsible for hiding the roof while contributing to the clean and modern look of the facade.

Advantages Of A House With A Built-In Roof

Modern Architecture

One of the main advantages of a built-in roof is the modern and minimalist look it gives to the property. The visual absence of the roof makes the facade cleaner, and the straight lines of the plat band give extra elegance and modernity to the project. Because of this, the built-in roof has been the number one preference of those who want to build a house with modern architecture.


Believe it or not, a built-in roof is cheaper than a conventional roof. The first reason for this is the types of tiles used; after all, as they are not exposed, there is no need to worry about their aesthetics, only their functionality, which significantly reduces the cost since it is possible to use simpler tiles, as fiber cement, in the construction of the built-in roof. Another reason the recessed roof is cheaper is that it significantly reduces the structure used in the construction since the tiles used in this type of roof are lighter and require less woodwork.

The labor hired for the construction of the built-in roof also does not need to be qualified, contributing even more to the reduction of costs.


The recessed roof can be built half the time as a conventional ceramic tile roof. First, it requires less structure, which saves time in assembly. Second, the tiles used are larger, which also helps to reduce construction time.

More Sustainable

Did you know that the built-in roof can also be more sustainable? This is mainly due to the type of tiles used. The built-in roof allows the use of less aggressive tiles to the environment, contributing directly to sustainability. Moreover, this type of roof also reduces the amount of wood needed for the structure, which is another plus point.

Less Weight On The Frame

If the recessed roof requires less structure and uses lighter shingles, the weight on the entire construction is also reduced. Always choose a company in your area and company you can trust when choosing your roof.


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