Unlocking Business Legitimacy: Your Guide To ASIC Company Registration

Registering a business with ASIC is crucial for creating a legal system and ensuring compliance with Australian regulations for businesses and banks. When you set up a company with ASIC, it means the government acknowledges and protects your business. Also, this allows you to run your business following all the rules and regulations. Here is a complete guide on officially registering your company with ASIC.

Preparing for registration

Before you start the registration process, it’s crucial to know the basic details about your company, such as:

  • Its structure
  • The people who run it
  • The people who own it
  • It’s official address
  • Verify the company’s name is not already taken and follows ASIC rules

Choose a business structure.

Choose the best way to organize your company. Some choices are a private company (Pty Ltd), a public company (Ltd), and others. The Pty Ltd structure is often picked by small to medium-sized businesses because it protects them from financial risks and is easy to manage.

Gather the necessary information.

Gather crucial information about the company and the people associated with it. This information provides such as:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Birthdates of directors

It also includes:

  • The shareholdings of shareholders’ names, addresses, and birthdates
  • Primary business location and registered office address


Use ASIC’s Online Portal to access information.

Visit ASIC’s website and create an online registration page. The website is easy to use and gives clear directions for each task. Save the chosen business name, and ASIC’s system will verify for availability and naming regulations.

You can use a company constitution from ASIC, use a replaceable rule, or make your custom constitution. A company constitution outlines regulations and instructions for a company’s functioning.

ASIC charges a fee when a company wants to register. The cost changes depending on the kind of company and other things. You can pay online when you register.

Directors and secretaries must declare accuracy for roles.

  • Directors and company secretaries have to agree to work in those positions. Everyone involved will also have to say that the information in the application is reliable.
  • Please look over all the information you have entered before applying. Once you send in your application, ASIC will examine and handle it.
  • ASIC will give you an Australian Company Number (ACN) and a Certificate of Registration if your application is approved.
  • Additionally, once you have signed up, remember to keep accurate records of a company’s finances, ownership, and any changes to its organization or location.

Registering a company with ASIC is crucial for establishing a legal entity in Australia, offering credibility, recognition, and access to contracts and financial services. Staying informed about regulatory changes and obligations is essential for growth and compliance. Consulting legal professionals or business advisors ensures a smooth process.


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