Understanding Sexual Harassment In Hostile Environments – Austin

Sexual harassment in a hostile workplace is a broad term that covers persistent and deliberate harassment, which ultimately results in an uncomfortable and ineffective workplace for both the victim and witness. If you’re suffering from workplace sexual harassment, we suggest you talk to an Austin sexual harassment attorney who can assist you in understanding the legal options available to you and your next steps. 

Anybody can be the victim or perpetrator of sexual harassment in the workplace, such as supervisors and junior employees, coworkers, and non-employees, for instance, clients.

What Is Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment?

Hostile workplace sexual harassment is any behavior targeted at an employee due to their sexual orientation that, in any way, unreasonably hinders the worker’s performance at work or creates an intimidating and hostile work environment. Sexual harassment examples comprise of, but are not restricted to:

  • Sexual advances that are not wanted or inappropriate

  • Gender-related jokes

  • Lewd/sexual jokes

  • Inappropriate gestures

  • Displaying or sharing sexual material

  • Insensitive remarks about appearances, clothing, body parts

How Does Hostile WorkPlace Sexual Harassment Differ From Quid Pro Quo Harassment?

Quid pro quo translates to “something for something.” This type of harassment happens when an employee is compelled to engage in sexual behavior to gain advancement, job retention, or any other benefit to the employee. That is, an employee’s security might depend on performing sexual favors to the company they work for.

Hostile workplace harassment happens when an employee’s working environment is hostile or abusive because of the conduct or the actions of his coworker or employer. Contrary to quid pro quo harassment, such behavior can originate from any employee, and in addition, the behavior could be affecting more than one person.

Am I Eligible For A Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment Claim?

You could be the victim of hostile workplace sexual harassment if – 

  • You’re losing your emotional balance at work

  • It affected your ability to carry out your job responsibilities

  • It degraded your sense of well-being

For the claims to be considered successful, it is essential to show these things:

  • Your coworker or employer has engaged in inappropriate or unwelcome conduct.

  • The behavior was unreasonably detrimental to your work performance or caused an offensive work environment.

Talk to a skilled workplace sexual harassment attorney regarding your case. A lawyer can assist you in determining if you have an appropriate sexual harassment claim based on the specific circumstances of your situation.


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