Typical Duties Of A Podcast Producer

The world is changing so fast that new jobs are continuously being created as the years go by. For example, podcasts rose from obscurity to mainstream consciousness over the last decade. What used to be a one-man operation suddenly needed multiple staff members to improve quality and beat deadlines. One of the most important people in a team is the podcast producer. This job demands excellent managerial skills and a highly creative mind. The producer usually stays in the background while doing everything necessary to keep things. Below are the typical duties of a podcast producer:

1. Supervise production from planning to distribution.

Every podcast has its own creative process. Many will plan out an entire season at the start of the year including the number of episodes, the topics they would like to cover, and the guests they would like to invite. They might also modify the format of the show to include new segments that the listeners might like. Producers will oversee everything from the planning stage to the recording sessions to the editing of the clips to the distribution of the final cut. They could also supervise the creation of new intros and outros.

2. Provide support for the host and staff.

The podcast producer is responsible for providing support for the host and the staff. Everything that they need should be communicated immediately so that the producer can find ways to give it to them. Before each recording session, the producers will talk to the hosts to prepare them for what’s to come. They might also be in-charge of preparing the interview questions unless this can be delegated to a researcher or production assistant. Producers will need to rent a good recording studio with sufficient equipment.

3. Invite suitable guests for each episode.

Producers are tasked with inviting guests for future episodes. They will have to call, email, or visit these individuals to get their nod. They must explain what the podcast is all about, why they would fit in nicely, and what topics they are likely to discuss. In many cases, guests are happy to come because they are on promotional tours for their books, shows, and other projects. They might also have their own podcasts, in which case there could be crossover episodes for the hosts.

4. Manage the schedule and the budget.

The top podcasts have massive audiences that expect new episodes at regular intervals. While it is not usually as strict as the timeslots on TV and radio, producers will try to stick to the published schedules to reward the patience of their listeners. This means keeping an eye on internal processes and deadlines. Producers will also have to make the most of the limited budget. Resource allocation has to be on-point for optimum efficiency.

5. Promote the show and monitor metrics.

Creating superior content is only the beginning. The show will need promotion to get more listeners. This can be done through guestings on other shows, advertising on various platforms, making press releases, posting on social media, and so on. Producers will have to take care of all these. Effectiveness can be measured in real-time by monitoring the metrics of the show.


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