Top advantages of hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer in Ashburn

Getting injured at work in Ashburn can leave you grappling with serious injuries and wage losses. In Virginia, employers are required to pay for workers’ compensation insurance for their workers. As an injured employee, you are entitled to benefits, and it is important to seek legal advice on the matter. In this post, we are discussing top benefits of hiring workers comp lawyers Ashburn

  1. You don’t have to deal with the insurance company alone. Your employer pays for the insurance, but the insurance company pays your settlement and due benefits. If you have no prior experience of dealing with the claims adjuster, consider hiring a lawyer. Lawyers are skilled negotiators and have probably handled hundreds of similar claims. 
  2. Your lawyer can help with the claim. How much is your claim worth? Should you consider taking legal action if your employer refuses to accept your injury? What if the insurance company asks for a recorded statement? These are some questions that an attorney can answer for you. Having an attorney is an indicator that you cannot be intimidated into accepting a settlement. 
  3. Your lawyer can handle the paperwork. Many people have a hard time filing a workers’ compensation because they are unaware of the paperwork involved. Hiring an attorney ensures that you don’t make any mistakes that can impact your claim. Your lawyer will also ensure that you get benefits of Medicaid or Medicare as applicable. 
  4. You don’t have to pay right away. Most lawyers take up workers’ compensation claims on a contingency fee. The lawyer can offer a free assessment of your case, and if you win, the lawyer will charge a part of the settlement as their fee. There is also a limit to what an attorney can charge. 
  5. You have experience and expertise on your side. While you would expect the insurance company to handle things in an empathetic manner, that rarely happens. Claims adjusters will want to minimize losses of the company, for which they may try to deny your claim. When you hire an attorney, you get their experience and expertise, and that can come in handy in fighting a fair battle, especially if your claim is denied. 

There is no reason why you should struggle with your workers’ compensation claim alone. Let an attorney take over, complete the process, and negotiate for you. There is nothing like getting a fair settlement for your injuries. 


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