Rent essential items and plan your beach holiday now

It is not always easy to organize a beach holiday with children: their needs often do not match those of their parents and it can be a challenge to find a compromise. Yet just follow a few simple precautions to make everything more pleasant and less complicated. The important thing is to keep in mind some basic steps in the pre-departure organization. Here is a small list of useful tips to follow to make your trip stress-free.

Choose a baby friendly beach

The choice of the seaside location to reach can make a real difference when traveling as a family. Especially when children are small, it is good not to underestimate some important parameters. It is not only the beauty of the landscapes and the clarity of the water that move our decisions. We must also keep in mind some comforts that can make your stay more pleasant. Better to choose sandy beaches, more comfortable and prepared for children’s games with spade and bucket. You can also rent essential beach or camping items online.

Opt for the most comfortable accommodation

The choice of accommodation is also very important to make your holiday comfortable. When you have children, opting for an apartment or holiday home undoubtedly has a number of advantages. Meanwhile, the autonomy of a kitchen can easily allow operations such as the preparation of a hot milk bottle in the middle of the night. Furthermore, children need to build familiarity around them. Attention to the comforts that the chosen apartment offers: yes to open spaces, as long as they are fenced and safe; better to avoid multi-storey houses, if the children have not yet learned to climb and descend stairs independently.

Involve children in the organization

Children, even the very young ones, are curious, and know how to deal with new things with enthusiasm, as long as they are put aside. To avoid whims or difficulties in adapting to new rhythms or new spaces, sometimes it is enough to involve them in the organization of the holidays. Talk to them about the place where you will go. Listen to their opinion on the choice of the destination and the new house that will host the family.

Be methodical in packing your suitcase

The challenge of the pre-departure, for those who go on holiday to the sea with children, is the preparation of the suitcase. As much as it involves making a reasoned selection, the things to take with you never seem enough, and in many cases, in fact they are not. T-shirts and pants can generally make room for a few extra spare swimsuits, so you don’t leave the kids wet for long: you’ll be on the beach more than out and about, and your clothes can easily be hand washed or machine washed. You can rent a lot of these items from Heron if you wish to make things easier on yourself.

Always respect their times

Not all children adapt easily to changes. The variations in schedules, climate, habits and spaces that a holiday entails can be a source of stress for them, even before fun. The advice is to allow them time to adapt, trying not to force or accelerate their reactions, allowing them to get familiar with the spirit of the holiday before throwing themselves headlong into it. Maybe it will cost a few hours of time, but afterwards everything will be easier and more natural, both for parents and for children.


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