Is it safe to go for dental implants Thornton, CO?

Despite the advancement in oral healthcare, thousands of people suffer from tooth loss and decay. Dental implants are a popular choice by dentists to replace missing teeth. If you have missing teeth or broken or decayed teeth that cannot be cured, dental implants are the best option. To your good news, dental implants Thornton, CO offers such patients with natural-looking dental options. These are artificial tooth substitutes placed in the bone and act and look like a tooth. The implant is a titanium screw placed inside the jawbone. This is a safe procedure that dentists prefer.

It is safe to go for dental implants for the following reasons:-

Act like natural teeth: Dental implants act and look like natural teeth. You won’t feel the difference at all. It will give you back your ability to chew, bite, and eat properly. It will function as normal teeth should. You can brush and floss just like before. It needs no extra care that is to be taken.

Lasts a lifetime: Dental implants have a higher success rate and can last a lifetime. Dentures and bridges might last around ten years, but implants will stay intact for life. This is the reason why it is a safe choice. The titanium implant is biocompatible and integrates with the jawbone. The biocompatible nature also reflects that it is non-toxic, and your body will not reject it.

Keeps nearby teeth stable: The gap from missing teeth causes problems in the nearby teeth. The adjacent teeth shift towards the gap. This affects your bite and ability to chew. It affects the appearance of your teeth too. This can make tooth replacement difficult in later stages. Using a dental implant will keep the adjacent teeth stable and safe. 

Free of gum diseases: If you have a missing tooth, then it will be easier for bacteria to grow in these spaces after you eat or drink. It will also trap food that might rot and decay after some time. All of this will lead to gum diseases and bad breath problems. But, using dental implants will keep your gums disease-free.

Dental implants have been considered a safe procedure and have been used by dentists for many years now. The procedure is still going through a lot of advancement and upgrades and is getting more efficient. Also, the procedure has a 95% success rate. If you need to go through this procedure, it is time to get in touch with your nearest dentist. 


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