How Nan Chul Shin Becomes the Owner of Hawaii’s Largest General Contractor?


Patrick Shin, the owner of Nan Inc., is well-known in the state of Hawaii. In Hawaii, Patrick Shin is known as a wealthy general contractor and a well-known philanthropist, but few are aware of how he got to this position. Nan Inc. has grown from a tiny local construction enterprise to one of the largest federal contracting companies in the country. However, how did he get to such a high rank? It wasn’t an easy trip. Let’s begin with the basics.

How Patrick Shin Got His Start?

Far from being a simple guy, he rose to become a well-known public figure in Hawaii. Nan Chul Shin, better known as Patrick Shin, was born in South Korea. Patrick Shin was the new name he used when he moved to the United States. In his opinion, a name like that would better reflect the American culture. All of his siblings had to share a single bedroom in the United States because of their migration. He had always wanted to relocate to the United States. When he got the opportunity to live with his elder brother in New York to assist him with his fish company, his dream came true.

Nan Inc. was founded

Patrick Shin’s fate has a different path in store for him. A soccer scholarship from Bowling Green State University allowed him to pursue his business administration degree while he was still living in New York.

This is a watershed moment. His education wouldn’t be possible without it. In the two years after his graduation, he lived in Hawaii and worked as a construction worker. He must have really enjoyed building since he chose to go out on his own after that. In 1990, he founded Nan Inc., a construction firm, as a sole proprietorship. The Nan Inc. construction company, founded by Patrick Shin 20 years later, was one of Oahu’s most successful businesses, with more than 500 individuals working for the company.

Over the course of the year, Nan Inc earned a number of multi-million dollar contracts as a new firm. As a result of their work with hotel chains like the Hilton, the construction business was a key participant in the hospitality sector. It was because to this trust that Nan Inc. evolved into one of Hawaii’s major construction enterprises.

Most businesses find it most challenging to get their first few major initiatives off the ground. As word spread that we could deliver on our promises (and do it quickly), more and more new projects began to flow in. Construction projects range from new construction, renovation of historic buildings, shaping up the office and administrative facilities, taking care of warehouses and multi-family facilities, to road and highway construction, civil utility construction, and Anti-terrorism construction, among others. Their biography on Bloomberg says they also do design-build work. Nan Inc. is a fantastic firm today since it provides construction services in all of these areas. Patrick Shin has never looked back since his first win.


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