How do I choose a decorative accent for my project?

A decorative accent can be described as a decorative design, such as a flower or pattern, that is applied to an object. It can even be considered an external embellishment on an object’s surface. These designs add color and variety to the object, which makes it stand out from others.

How do I choose a decorative accent for my project?

Below are some steps that help you choose a decorative accent for your project:

1. Start with a sketch of the object.

The purpose of a sketch is first to determine what type of decorative accent to use. Will it be a pattern or flower, or does it only require creative color? It is also vital for you to determine what the desired effect of your decorative accent will be. Is your object dull? Then adding a colorful floral pattern will help cheer it up.

2. Consider the size of the object, as well as its intended destination.

Will you apply the decorative accent on a small piece or an entire room? A small piece may need very little in design, but if you are painting an entire room, you will want something more than just one flower.

3. The materials you would use for your project.

It is also essential for you to consider the type of decorative accent you will be choosing. Is it washable, durable, and easy to clean? They will not leave stains on the object’s surface if spills happen.

4. Consider the size of the object.

Why would you choose a decorative accent bigger than what is needed? It may make your object appear more elegant and classy, but remember that it can also be time-consuming if you have to paint every tiny nook and cranny.

5. The theme of the project.

The project’s theme will also be a deciding factor for choosing a decorative accent for your project. There are many themes today, ranging from nature décor to countryside décor, tropical décor, minimalist décor and even the retro décor trends in which vintage items are used as a decorative accent for a modern look.

6. Keep in mind the cost.

When considering the price, you can be as creative or detailed as you want. You want to be sure your design is not too expensive to fit within your budget by the time you are done with the project.

7. Look at books and magazines.

If you are still looking for a decorative accent that suits your project, consider looking for inspiration in pictures, magazines, and books. You can trace a design that catches your eye, paint it on a test object, such as cardboard, and examine its effects before making it part of your project.


The decorative accent can inject a necessary dose of variety and style into an already beautiful room. As you can see, it can be accomplished in various ways, so there is no way that you would have to use a boring floral pattern or a boring floral design. You could use a simple color or bold pattern to achieve the desired effect.


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