How can I tell if my AC unit is damaged?

If the amazing air has stopped moving, the first point you ought to do is inspect your thermostat. You can also consult expert technicians for suggestions.

Below are the steps you should take:

  • If your thermostat screen is empty, transform the batteries.
  • If the display screen is still empty, remove the thermostat from the wall, as well as check the cords to make certain it’s obtaining power. Make use of a multimeter to examine the voltage.
  • If you’re not getting voltage, inspect your circuit box to see if any kind of integrates has been tripped or blown. If the integrates look good, situate the button linked to your central AC and change it on as well as off to reset the connection.
  • If it’s getting power, yet the screen is still blank, go outside and examine the condenser to see if a fuse has been stumbled.
  • If your thermostat still isn’t working, it might be time to replace it. Check the warranty to see if it’s run out.

If your thermostat is working, but the AC unit won’t turn on, you need to also:

  • Activate the fan to see if the blower is obtaining power.
  • Check the condensation drainpipe.
  • Change your air filter if it’s more than one month old. The accumulation of dust, as well as particles, can be preventing airflow.

If you’re still experiencing troubles, call heating as well as cooling professionals.

When should I replace my AC unit?

Replacing your air conditioning system is an investment. Here are some points to consider:

  • The age of your AC. The life of an air conditioner is someplace in between 10-20 years. So, if your air conditioning system is greater than ten years old, it might be time for a substitute.
  • Rising energy bills. As air conditioning units grow older, they end up being less power efficient. To see if your air conditioner is losing efficiency, contrast your utility costs over the past few summer seasons. If your expenses are climbing, maybe an indication that your AC unit is wearing out.
  • Leaking cooling agent. Not just is refrigerant costly, yet cooling agent leaks will trigger the compressor to eventually go out. The type of cooling agent that your AC demands might also create your problems down the road.
  • The cost of repair. Call your residential and commercial service to obtain a free quote on fixing expenses. If the cost is too much, it is most likely cheaper to acquire a new device.


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