Finding contacts: simple but not obvious ways to Find anyone’s email

There are several ways to find a credible address for a potential buyer and connect with them. The easiest and most reliable way is to ask to give such data to the buyer himself. This exchange of information can be done during the order or checkout process in the store at the request of the user himself. But also, the collection of data about an email address is quite legal and permissible if this information is legally obtained and published by the person. You can read more about how to find the desired email address in different ways with free resources available at

But we’ll tell you first how to search through open data published by a social network and more.

Look up profile and other data

It’s a bit of a hassle, but if you know the name of the potential recipient, all you have to do is go to their page. There is a lot of public information on it.

This method works great, but it’s not always effective, because not all potential clients will post their personal information on their profiles.

But do not fold your hands – there is a way out.

Advanced Twitter search

The easiest solution is an advanced search on Twitter itself. This system has a lot of information about users’ email addresses or contacts that they report in posts or use for other purposes. However, the advanced search box should use additional key phrases such as:

  • email;
  • reach;
  • contact;
  • at;
  • dot and others.

In the search, you can try to find a manager or a specialist who deals with product sales or purchasing. Or that person is responsible for making decisions in the direction of commercial interaction with counterparties.

Make a subscription or fill out an electronic form: obvious, but not always clear

The company’s email addresses are “hidden” in subscriptions and subscription forms. They are not always open on the site. But it’s easy to get them. All you must do is fill out a subscription form. You will get the exact address of the company in reply. Usually, small businesses use one or two addresses. Therefore, this search method is the easiest to implement and can reach the target group, such as small and medium-sized companies. Most letters in this case usually come from the personal mail of the person who is responsible for a certain line of communication. As a rule, this is a corporate email, that is, one of the corporate email addresses.

Large companies often place a contact form or email list for inquiries on their web site. It usually contains a simple set of data: You can’t count on much, but in most cases, such inboxes are handled by customer support specialists. From these addresses, you can start a more effective search or contact the company directly, where they can already redirect you to a manager or marketer.


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