Easy Solutions for Improving User Experience On Your Website

Every product or service must deliver an excellent user experience, and websites are no exception. Websites are the face of your business; they are just as essential as a clean, tidy storefront. These days, users expect web design to be sophisticated and their expectations have grown. Increasing expectations of a well-designed website UX can overwhelm many businesses, especially smaller ones. Fortunately, improving the user experience is easier than you may think, and even a small effort can lead to big rewards. Contact Denver web designer

Increasing user experience can improve search rankings, bring in more business leads, and increase revenues, according to the Denver web design. To help you get started, we have listed five key steps you can take to improve the user experience on any website.

Mobile-optimize it

Since most people access the internet from their phones, your website must be mobile-friendly. If it’s not, then you may want to consider Developing a mobile-friendly website is the key. The chances are that your website will not remain accessible until your visitors get home.

Similar to the importance of having an attractive visual site, mobile users also need access to best practices. For example, ensure that the font size is legible on mobile devices (zooming is more difficult on a mobile device!), customize the screen size for mobile, and format the navigation menu so that mobile users can access the menu.

Users of mobile devices do not have the luxury of scrolling with a mouse; they must use their fingers to navigate through the content. Therefore, if the CTA button is hard to click, the menu doesn’t display, or if they have to zoom into each page to read it, the user experience is compromised and you are unlikely to see a conversion from an unhappy mobile user.

Be sure to use easy-to-read fonts and colors

Designing a client’s website involves a great deal of thought on our part. We try to make the layout as attractive as possible, but we also strive to make the experience for your users as convenient as possible.

Additionally, these elements are correlated with bounce rates – the more difficult it is for someone to understand what your page says, the more likely they are to leave.

For colors, Denver web design always aims for a good contrast. There’s a reason that most word processors have a white background and black text — it’s simple, clean, and always easy to read. But most websites aren’t just black and white, so we have to look carefully at the colors you’re using and make sure that there’s a healthy contrast between backgrounds and font colors.

Use Layout Strategically

When it comes to styles, brutalism continues to be on the rise in 2021. Brutalism involves a raw and minimalist approach to layouts with a focus on user experience. Alternatively, a beautiful, artistic site, can go a long way in establishing your brand as a leader in the market and a true risk-taker.

Every page needs a call to action

No matter what page a reader lands on, you want them to perform an action that will lead to a positive interaction with your brand. Therefore, internal linking is not only a best SEO practice; it is an easy, quick win to get your visitors to navigate your site and access all your important content such as your contact, special offers, and services pages.

CTAs should foster a relationship between the client and the business, whether they subscribe to your blog, create a profile, download a PDF, or schedule an appointment online. Those who have engaged with your brand willingly are more likely to become long-term loyal customers if they heed the CTA.


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