Do You Need a Laser Level in Your Toolbox?

If you’ve ever been by a job site where any construction or surveying occurred, you have likely seen a laser level. Laser levels are handy outdoors for grading and leveling and indoors for DIY or professional construction projects. Typically mounted on a tripod, the tool emits either a red or green beam that can be directed in many ways to determine if the horizontal level or vertical plumb. Learn more about laser levels to find out if you need one in your toolbox.

Laser Level Varieties

Depending on what kind of job you are doing, there is a specific best level for the approach. While some surveyors swear by scopes and tape, grading and leveling are more straightforward with rotary levels. Indoors, hanging pictures is a breeze with dual-beam laser levels. In many cases, once set up for a tripod-mounted laser level is complete, it becomes practical for just one person to complete the job with accuracy, rather than requiring two to hold and record.

Laser Line Generator Levels

Laser lines are generated in typically one direction and are usually used to create a horizontal reference. Unlike their outdoor counterparts, there are smaller, less durable, and can be mounted or set atop various surfaces.

Auto-Leveling Laser Levels

Automatic levels will typically level out once they hit a solid surface like the top of a tripod or mount. However, others also include spirit levels, the familiar leveling bubbles, that you must level, and then the laser will do the rest to maintain balance while you work.

Rotary Lasers and Laser Receivers

Typically for outdoor use only but applicable to multiple kinds of projects, rotary levels produce rotations of lasers that keep solid lines projected where you work. It emits a signal or beeping that becomes faster and eventually runs into a solid beep once the line becomes level. A laser receiver notes the rotation speed of the rotary laser level, and they work together to be efficient.

Dot Lasers

Unlike the various lines produced by the other lasers, dot lasers, also known as plumb lasers, make a dot or multiple dots to use as a leveling reference while working.

Laser Level Uses

Much of the laser leveling you might have witnessed is likely from driving past or visiting a construction site. Perhaps, you were inspecting a build site for a new home location or breaking ground at a building dedication when you saw it. Other ordinary laser level sightings are indoors during builds and for home improvements. Most basic repairs only require spirit, or bubble, levels but serious DIYers and professionals swear by laser levels for speed and accuracy.

Outdoor Laser Level Uses

Professional surveyors, builders, and architects are known for the bulk of outdoor laser level use.

  • Grading
  • Surveying
  • Masonry
  • Land elevation measurement
  • Contour farming
  • Site layout

Indoor Laser Level Uses

Indoor use of laser levels is from homeowners, repair technicians, professional builders, and architects.

  • Install chair rails
  • Align shelves
  • Install cabinets
  • Align architectural features
  • Install drop ceilings
  • Hang art, pictures, curtains

Laser levels also have features specific to making the job at hand easier and safer. To determine which laser level suits your needs, shop the impressive selection at Engineer Supply.


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