Debt Consolidation: Pros and Cons

Consolidating your many high-interest small loans into one big loan is the main idea behind the famous consolidation debt loan. With this process, you can easily pay all your high-interest debts in one place with lesser interest and risk. Now many banks, credit unions, and online money lender unions provide this facility using which you can benefit.

What are the things that you should know about this debt consolidation plan? 

As of now, the most critical question is what is debt consolidation plan? If you know about this thing, then you will have a clear idea of this thing. This is more likely a debt refinancing program that gives you so many options to consolidate any type of unsecured credits. You can say it like credit card loans and other unsecured loans across at least one participating institution.  

But before applying for a consolidation debt loan, you must know the pros and cons of debt consolidation.

So, at first, we will start with the Pros of debt consolidation loans. Let’s discuss some of the main pros of this loan one by one: 

  • It pays debt sooner- if you pay many high-interest loans, it takes time to spend all your loans, and it is often impossible to pay all those loans every month. So, the load and pressure increase on the customer. To escape this problem, you can consolidate all your loans in one place and pay them once in a while. This increases the time and pressure from the customer, which is also one of the best personal loan Singapore.
  • It reduces the pressure- the person who pays many high-interest loans every month will always have pressure over his head. So, to simplify the process, you can consolidate all your loans in one place and pay all your loans at once without taking any headaches.
  • Have an excellent profile- generally, sometimes due to extra expenses, we are unable to pay all our debts, we procrastinate some debts for the next month or whatever the period. Thus, your credit score gets lower, and your profile gets dull. But if you consolidate all your loans at one place and pay there, it will positively affect your profile and increase your credit score.

Now secondly start with the cons of these debt consolidation plans, here we discussed some of them: 

  • Some unions demand upfront cost because you are already in heavy debt, so as a guarantee, some banks, credit unions, and online money lenders ask for some upfront cost.
  • The biggest drawback is that if you miss your payment any month or the period, it will set you back even further.
  • Even if you have applied for consolidation, it is not going to solve your problem on its own. You must have the right approach and strategy to pay your loan.
  • In this type of credit consolidation, you will have to go through very high credit; this is one of the bad things you must face. So, be aware of this thing and enter carefully into this debt consolidation plan.
  • In this thing, you may have to lose the collateral because you take a secured loan and end it not paying the loan on time. Then the worst thing will happen, like the lender will take possession of that collateral.
  • Debt consolidation is also one of those that will take a high percentage of interest; it may charge up to 8%.   


Consolidating your loans into one loan is a great idea. You may go for it if you pay many loans in a while, but you need to care about punctuality and take care of their terms and conditions. If the pros of consolidation meet your expectation, then you may go for a consolidation debt loan. If you are looking for any trustable and established agency to consolidate your loans, you may visit Crawfort Private Limited.



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