Create An Actively Engaging Business Using API

The API has been helping many businesses to act as a channel to connect businesses to customers. API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of definitions and protocols helping build and integrate application software.

The purpose of API

An API is a method for two or more PC programs to communicate with each other. It is a software interface that offers a service to other pieces of app or software. Deploy a smart contract to build or use for your business, such as an interface or connection called an API connection. Using an API, it is much easier for you to create access to the features or data of an application, operating system, or some other services.

Four types of APIs

Application Programming Interface is accepted and used in web apps. The four types of API used in web-based applications are:

  1. Public API. It is open and general to use by any developer or business. A company that cultivates any business strategy involving sharing applications and data with the other business to develop and provide is called a public API. It involved moderate authorization and authentication. A business also may look to monetize the application programming interface by imposing every cost of a call to use the public API.
  2. Partner API. It is merely available to specifically authorized and selected outside developers of application programming interface customers. Partner API is a means to enable business-to-business activities. If a business wants to share the customer data with the outside CRM businesses selectively, the partner API connects the internal customer data system to the other external parties. There is no other API use will be permitted.
  3. Internal API. It presents weak authentication and security, or non at all, the API is intended for inter use. Security levels are in place through the other policies.
  4. Composite API. It generally combines two or more application programming interface to craft a sequence of interdependent and related operations. It is beneficial to address tightly-related and complex behaviors of API and can sometimes boost speed and performance than the other individual APIs.

The use of API

An API is needed to bring the applications together to work on a designed function built around executing pre-defined processes and sharing data. It works as the middle man that allows developers to build new programmatic interactions between:

  • Various applications people
  • Businesses use daily

For your business to have organized and easy access applications, API can be a great advantage to use.


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