5 reasons to hire a semi-truck accident lawyer in Ontario

California has some of the most claimant-friendly car accident laws in the United States. If you were injured in a car accident, where you are mostly at fault, you could still sue the other at-fault party for their share of negligence. However, winning a personal injury lawsuit is not that simple, especially when there is a commercial vehicle or semi-truck involved. Accidents involving these huge vehicles often lead to unprecedented consequences, and expected, the final settlement for injured drivers and victims tends to be higher. If you are wondering whether you need to hire an Ontario semi truck accident lawyer, here are five reasons to consider.

  1. Because semi-truck accidents are complicated. It is easier to find fault in a typical car accident because there are only passenger vehicles involved. However, in the case of a semi-truck accident, there could be multiple parties at fault. Besides the trucker, it is important to investigate if the trucking company, loading service, or the manufacturer was at fault in some manner. To investigate such accidents, you should hire an attorney.
  2. Because you need expertise on your side. You have to consider the expertise and experience that an attorney will bring to the table. Capable lawyers deal with commercial & semi-truck accident lawsuits all the time. They know the local courts, how things typically pan out in such cases and other details that can come in handy for your case.
  3. Because you need help with evidence. If you didn’t manage to gather evidence from the accident scene, you have more reasons to lawyer up. After you contact an attorney, they will do their share of investigation, which could mean spending considerable time finding evidence and key details. They will also talk to medical experts to know the extent and severity of your injuries.
  4. Because insurance companies are not working for you. Dealing with the claims adjuster or other parties involved in the accident won’t be easy. If you don’t have an attorney to represent your rights, you may end up accepting whatever amount is being offered. More importantly, insurance companies have ways and means to make people accept a settlement.
  5. Because you have limited time. In all states, a statute of limitations sets the deadline for filing a lawsuit. In California, you have two years to sue the at-fault party for their role in the semi-truck accident.

Call a lawyer right away to discuss your case.


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